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Nepcha Analytics

A GDPR-compliant user analytics tool for institutional websites.

Nepcha Analytics is a GDPR-compliant website visitor tracking tool. European data is stored in European cloud infrastructure, USA data is stored in USA cloud infrastructure.

google web analytics alternative

How it works

Find out if your platform reaches who it should. While keeping their info private.

Easy to understand

Get useful user insights within a simple interface

Get a look at how many people visit your website, where they’re coming from (referrals and physical location), what devices they’re using, what pages they go on and how long they stay there.

All of this information is provided in an easy-to-read dashboard that’s ready-made for your tracking needs. No need to build a dashboard from scratch. All the info you need is right in front of you, and gets updated in real time.

We respect user privacy

Say bye to cookies. We don’t collect or share user data.

Nepcha will track how people use your website and where they’re coming from, but it won’t track their personal data or find out exactly who they are. All data is kept private and we don’t sell it to 3rd parties.

We don’t use cookies to get traffic info: this tool is tailored so that it only tracks the information we truly need, unlike Google Analytics which might invade user privacy. It’s fully GDPR, CCPA and PECR-compliant. All data is kept in individual data-centers.

Just one line of code

Easy to set up & doesn’t slow your website down

The Nepcha script is 30 times smaller in size than Google Analytics. Just add one line of code and you’re good to go: Nepcha will start collecting traffic info right away, without slowing down your website. Page speed and loading times won’t be affected.

Add all of your websites to your profile and track all of their traffic information in one place. You can track as many as 100 websites or even larger-scale platforms with our premium plans.

Simple charts & Data Visualisation

Start tracking up to 10.000 visits on multiple websites for free. Share stats with your team in a beautiful way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions? We are here to help, chat to our friendly team via [email protected]

There are several reasons for using an alternative for Google Analytics and the most important is the fact that Google collects a lot of data about your users and can use them for other purposes - this can look privacy-invasive. Also, Google Analytics is hard to use, difficult to understand, and very slow to load.
Nepcha Analytics - A privacy-focused analytics tool for companies & startups.

This solution ensures compliance with the GDPR, by not using cookies to track visitors. European data is stored in European cloud infrastructure, USA data is stored in USA cloud infrastructure.
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